viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011

Familia de sangre

Un proyecto que me ha encantado compartir con mi familia de EFTI. Conexión entre amigos convirtiéndonos en familia creativa, nuestra pasión y nuestra sangre nos unen!!
I loved to sharing with my photographers friends this little project. NOw we are a creative family! Our passion and our blood is our union!

2 comentarios:

Dress Code: High Fashion dijo...

Nice! I agree to the idea/concept of the "unity through blood" and think it`s true.

Nice pictures. I like the clarity and I like that the blood looks like art and doesn`t remind of horror (that is difficult to do but you nailed it!).

Hope you`re having a nice weekend.

Best, Jen

Pachi Santiago dijo...

Thanks Jenny,
Yes blood as art. Thanks for being always there!!
Nice weekend :)