viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011


base copying
Copying Claudia Primer premio Master EFTI durante el festival de Photoespaña 2012.

Quiero volver al pasado, a cuando empezaba a interesarme por las revistas sobre arte y moda. Me acuerdo de las fotografías, de aquellas primeras sensaciones... Todo era muy simple. Con el tiempo las cosas se conectan, el pasado vuelve y se reinventa. "Copying Claudia", eso quiero. Las personas se juntan y se separan, el mundo está conectado. A veces vivimos las vidas de otros pero creo que al final lo que queda es la esencia, algo magnético… Quiero crear un nuevo ser inspirado en ella, me voy a implicar en primera persona. No soy ella, ella soy yo. Parecidos y no parecidos. Catarsis gemélica.
I want to return to the past, to those times when I started to get interested in art and fashion magazines. I remember the pictures of those first impressions. Everything was very simple. Now things are connected, the past comes back and reinvents itself. "Copying Claudia", I do. People come together and separate, the world is connected. Sometimes we live the lives of others. Is something magnetic. I want to create a new being inspired by her. I'm going to get envolved. I'm not her, she's me. Similar and not similar. The catharsis.

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Dress Code: High Fashion dijo...

What a fascinating, philosophical question and very intriguing art!

I totally agree - the people we meet or admire change us. Even if they leave our lives again or we forget them, we are changed - for good. Everybody we meet influences us and contributes to our development.

The same goes Claudia for her merging with you has an additional quality since she was/is your muse. I get the feeling that a muse "sucks out" as much as she contributes and stimulates since desire stimulates itself and can therefor never be fully satisfied.

Have a nice weekend, Jen

Unknown dijo...

Yes Jenny Thanks for your comment!!
It's true, different influences contributes to our development.
I think also that Sonÿ and Claudia sucks and contributes to my imagination. I like this concept!

Regard sur la vie dijo...

I Love your face!
You and Claudia in this pics are the same person!
Thanks for sharing!
Your are a great artist
Regards ;)

Isabel dijo...

No sólo me gusta tu blog, sino que esta entrada es encantadora! ¡Sois iguales! ;)
¡Qué bien te quedan las gafas negras!

Unknown dijo...

-High Regard!! Claudia is one of my inspirations. Thanks a lot for your opinion as always! Kisses ;)

-Isabel muchas gracias por tus palabras y por pasarte por esta pequeña Utopia ;) Me paso a ver tu blog. Un abrazo!!

Charleston dijo...

inspired post

Anónimo dijo...

Son demasiado parecidas!
Buen trabajo!

Un abrazo,

R. Gratz dijo...

OMG!!! I am completely breathless!! This by far one of the greatest blog posts I have ever come across. Your level of creativity and poise is just astounding to me. You absolutely have a huge fan in me!!!

Unknown dijo...

Thanks a lot R.Gratz and welcome to my Utopia blog!!
I'm really happy with your words! I'll continuous working and creating for people like you. Thanks for your support I'll go to visit your blog!

Miguel dijo...

Me encanta el post :) te acabo de descubrir, un saludo!!

Unknown dijo...

Muchas gracias Miguel, me alegro!
Bienvenido y otro saludo ;)

Brandy Shaloo dijo...

It's so amazing what people can do with computers these days. Nice job!

Unknown dijo...

Hi Brandy and thanks for your comment :D
I think that in this project the computer is secondary, is only important for some of the elements and the fussion of the faces. For me the most important was to create the facial expresions and the light.
Regards and welcome to my Utopia ;)

Unknown dijo...

- Charleston welcome and thanks a lot regards!!

- Nacho (olieteworldblog) muchas gracias!!
intento parecerme en este trabajo, je,je,je... muchas gracias.
Abrazo desde la Utopia ;D