miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

base thief
This little Brazilian loves the painting Guernica by Picasso and is seduced by spanish culture. She is a young masked excited to discover Spain. She wants to steal all!!

Esta pequeña brasileña ama al caballo del cuadro Guernica de Picasso y se deja seducir por la cultura española.Es una conquistadora ilusionada, una enmascarada con ganas de conocer y descubrir España. Lo quiere robar todo!!

ladrona pachi santiago2
ladrona pachi santiago1
ladrona pachi santiago3

Photo by Pachi Santiago
Model Manoela Chiabai

2 comentarios:

Regard sur la vie dijo...

I love this photos, great concept as always. She is a funny girl. I'm a great fan of your works, your pics are very original.
Excited to see new pics or illustrations!!
Regard :X

Pachi Santiago dijo...

Thanks a lot Regard for your words!! Don't worry, I have new works and I'll publish it.
It's a pleasure you follow my works.
Kiss ;)