viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

base beautiful
The same face, the same place and diferent ideas...

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Regard sur la vie dijo...

I love this pics. She looks beautifull!
Your fan Regardsurlavie :x

Boheme Noir dijo...

I love how photography & illustration flow into each other in the first picture.

The third one makes me wonder which of them is "the evil twin" :) I assume the left one *haha*

Best, Jenny

A Xanela dijo...

Me encantan. Una cara muy especial!

Pachi Sánchez dijo...

-Regard a lot of thanks for your kind words!

-Jenny I also like the first picture. It has light and happiness.
The two twins are good :-)
Thanks for your words!

- A Xanela gracias. Es cierto su cara me llamó mucho la atención cuando la vi por la calle.

-Thanks Nordic girl ;-)

Annushka dijo...

Wow!!!))) I love this photos)))
Very, very, very, beautiful!!!)))

Pachi Sánchez dijo...

Hi Annushka, thanks a lot for your words!!