viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

Copying Claudia vídeos

Copiando a Claudia, jugando a imitarla y viviendo la moda desde otro punto de vista.
Os presento Copying Claudia Videos.

See my videos of Copying Claudia ;)

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DressCode:HighFashion dijo...

Hey dear,

I love to see your work getting all the attention that it deserves - because it is so damn good!

You have been dealing with the topic of the muse since a long time and in different ways but your Copying Claudia works are the "strangest" approach to me. Probably because it is a "turn" in the artist-muse relation-ship I wouldn`t expect. The artist "transforming into" the muse is such a powerful picture/idea. It is actually the ultimate declaration of love to the muse - since the fusion is "the absolute yes" to the other one. It`s a "yes" so powerful that it fully absorbs/almost swallows the object of desire and on the other hand "totally swallows the former self".
Even though the idea of "total fusion"/2 becoming 1 is most women`s idea of "perfect love", it is "scary" to see it pictured.

Your art touched me. Again.

Best, Jen

Pachi Santiago dijo...

Hi Jen! I'm impressed about how you have analized my work. . I love your vision and I'm proud to have touched you with my work. Your idea of "declaration of love" with the fussions is really interesting. I'm completly exposed in this project, so may be it's a declaration of love. Love for being diferent in a world of copies using humor and fashion to speak about it. And love for the muse and magic. I feel your words like something special, you are a muse of words also .
Kisses and I hope you'll have fun in Italy!