viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Smells like the 90's

smells like the 90s
Algunas veces te apetece volver al espíritu de otras épocas. Revisando fotografías o de manera inconsciente un olor, una sonrisa, un color o una foto te traen recuerdos de cosas que has vivido. Estoy con mucha fuerza y con ganas de enseñar muchas fotos y vídeos nuevos. Antes doy un pequeño paso atrás para recordar y conceptualizar una época que siempre volverá a nosotros.

Sometimes you want to return to the spirit of the past. Reviewing photographs or unconsciously a smell, a smile, a color or a photo will bring back memories of things you've lived. Before show you many new pictures and news. I want to give a small step back to remember happy this time ;)

pachi santiago 1
the 90s
mix 90s

Sonÿ inspired by 90's, the grunge, Claudia and Marilyn!
In the 90s
pachi santiago 2

3 comentarios:

Ana Serna dijo...

Aquellos maravillosos 90`s...

Dress Code: High Fashion dijo...

Oh the teenage days...

I remember everything from your pictures; Claudia, Beverly Hills 90210, Nirvana & Kurts suicide, the grunge look (yes, I admit it; I wore the dirty ripped denim + lumberjack tartan shirt in 7th grade) oh and The Prodigy! Loved them back then, love them, now!

What I also remember very strong; Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss + Heroin Chic, Calvin Klein, ugly beige unisex clothes (& perfumes!) & more bad fashion.

I don`t look back with good feelings though...too me it was just a time of bad music (remember "Euro Dance"? -> Dr. Alban etc), bad fashion & teenage insecurity.

I`m a total 80s maniac though. THAT`s the decade I treasure.

Hope you`re having a nice weekend.

Love, Jen

Pachi Santiago dijo...

-Hola Ana gracias por tu comment!

- Hi Jen! It's true... the teenage and our insecurity ;)
In 90's I loved the grounge look and the artists of this time, specially the music and the cinema. And for me the best top model is Claudia Schiffer, you know it ;)
The 80's was nice too!
Kisses and thanks for your comment!