lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

A small abandoned hut on a cliff becomes the "Utopia House". To achieve this I set to work with my artworks, some objects and a colored smoke. I've been planning this installation for a long time. It's a photographic project with which I try to express and represent a creative explosion, a sort of surreal avenging vigilante who decides to convert abandoned sites in new places with his ideas. A decorator of peculiar hidden spots. During the performance each object had its meaning, that changed and evolved according to the spectator. Artworks and objects have a new meaning. With this performance, that concludes with the photoshoot you see, I wanted to feel as a part of me different magical places that inspire me. Perhaps this is the first of many other places...

The artworks are on sale at my new blog store:

Una pequeña cabaña abandonada en un acantilado, que por una tarde se transforma en “Utopia House”. Para conseguirlo me puse manos a la obra con mis obras, algunos objetos y un montón de humo de colores. Llevo tiempo planeando esta instalación. Un proyecto fotográfico con el que trato de expresar y representar la explosión creativa. Una especie de “surrealista vengador justiciero” que decide ir a sitios abandonados y descontextualizarlos con sus ideas. Un decorador peculiar de parajes recónditos. En la instalación, cada objeto tiene su significado, que cambia y evoluciona en función de su lector. Y cuya esencia se transforma al aparecer descontextualizado en un lugar al que no pertenece. Con esta instalación, que tiene como solución el reportaje fotográfico que véis, quiero hacer míos por unos instantes diferentes lugares mágicos que me inspiran y atraen. Quizás este sea el primero de muchos otros lugares…

Los cuadros que aparecen están a la venta en mi nueva tienda virtual:


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Photo, idea and realization by Pachi S. / photography assistant Angel C.



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ANDYTOP dijo...

Me gustan¡¡¡

Regard sur la vie dijo...

Your face is very photogenic!!
I love all your artworks. Specially this "open box" in red and white with two faces is amazing!. I love this post is really inspiring congratulations!!
Enhorabuena tienes mucho talento.

Ellinor Forje dijo...

I love your illustrations, they're brilliant. Come and visit me too soon. I just wrote a piece on DRACULA!


Boheme Noir dijo...

W-O-W!!! AMAZING! I love installations (and I acknowledge their diffuculity!) since they bring art into the third dimension. They have more "life" and "substance" since they are touchable - yours can even be entered and be experienced from inside AND outside!!!

An artwork that people can ENTER (and therefore become part of!)! How amazing! What a fantastic idea!

I`ve been looking at the pictures very long and it`s still hard for me to formulate an "overall understanding" since your art is so detailed (which I love!).

Let me start with my very first association: I (as a fanatic David Lynch fan) thought of David Lynch`s wooden lodges. Lynch`s lodges are places where the hidden and the underconcious are located.
I immideatly realized that your lodge has different colours on the outside and inside. I love how the inside is red - like fire, passion, love but also like rage and blood.
Humans are "also red on the inside" (from blood) so I have a psychological reading of your artwork - entering the lodge equals entering the human body and/or psyche (your psyche?).

Your use of the red smoke is FANTASTIC! I love it! Also for it`s high symbolism: smoke is visible (therefore excisting) but untouchable at the same time. The smoke has the same colour as the inside of the lodge so it is as if the creativity of the lodge is impacting the enviroment.

The two pictures of you in the smoke are great because I see you (as the artist) embracing the creative energy but also "being lost in it" / surrendering yourself to it.
(The artist being lost in his art is such a fascinating idea / question to me. It makes me wonder: What is the "place" that the artist gets to when he is "lost" in his art?)

The mask you wear is very cool and raises questions. A mask is always hiding something and gives a new appearance.

The items hanging on the outside wall give a "human touch" - some are kitsch and some are high art. Is this "random selection" your of expressing that art comes in various forms or that "art is in the eye of the beholder"?

The item that struck me most is the long hair-piece. It raised associations of indians claiming a scalp or serial-killers taking "souveniers" from their victims or trying to "become them"...but I guess that reading is just a reflection of my "morbid world-view" ;)

To conclude this, let me say again: FANTASTIC INSTALLATION! REAL ART, brought to real life and the third dimension!

Your fan, Jenny

PS: Something I wanted to say earlier, but kept forgetting: Your art, particularly your use of colour, has something about it that is "characteristic spanish". I mean that as a big compliment because I see your work in the tradition of former great spanish artists like Goya and Dali in that aspect.

Just Another Londoner dijo...

Haha yeah, coincidence about the clouds! I like this, it's really interesting, especially the mask.

eugenialejos dijo...

oh! me encantan todas las fotos! hiper interesantes los cuadros!
me encantan!
un besit

hbub29 dijo...

Great photos! I really like your work.

Pachi Sánchez dijo...

Gracias por tu opinión, me alegra que te guste, muchas gracias!

-Regard sur la vie
Thanks a lot for your words, I like it also. Its name is "Glamour box" and you can see more pictures of it here:

- Ellinor forje thanks!
I'll go to visit your blog :)

- Just Another Londoner.
The mask it's handmade by me. Thanks ;-)

- Eugenialejos
me alegra que te gusten porque a mi también me gustan tus fotografías e ilustraciones. Sigue así, beso.

thanks a lot for your words.

Pachi Sánchez dijo...

-Boheme Noir (Jenny)

Wow!! I'm very gratefull by your interesting words. For me is important to know your opinion because you have a special sensibility for art.
Yes this is the concept because the installation is more live and It has two faces: one inside and another outside. I want to investigate about this idea, because every thing has two meanings. And your idea about color is really interesting, for me red is good and bad at the same time: blood, love and energy, fire and devils. I try to represent the psyche and the idea about to love the rare places who inspire to some people. I want to invade this place and change its meaning.

David Lynch is a genious I love his esthetic concepts and his ideas about the psyche. His films are art pieces. So for me is really interesting the comparation between this installation and Lynch. You saw perfectly this idea: "The artist embracing the creative energy but also "being lost in it" / surrendering yourself to it."

I request you this answer: What is the "place" that the artist gets to when he is "lost" in his art? For me this place is heaven, the utopia, nothing more is important, may be you are in the Creative Nirvana. I feel this when I'm painting or photographing.

The mask represent the posibility to make all that you want. It represents the dark and the game. I love the mask concept in "Eyes wide shut "by Stanley Kubrik.

Regarding your question about pieces hanging I think I love mixing diferent style pieces. Because I'm baroque and I love the eclecticism. The pieces have their own meaning but this meaning changes and increases with the ideas of the beholder so thanks for your ideas.

The hair -piece is the most surrealistic touch! :) I imagine the house has eaten a woman from whom we only see her hair ( as you can see, my mind is also morbid or, even better, surrealistic).

Some of my foreign friends say I have a spanish style in my works. For me is something unconscious but I like it. You are very kind comparing me with such great artists.

Thanks a lot!!! :)
I'm very pleased to read your coments and speak about ideas and art.

Boheme Noir dijo...

The idea to "invade a place with art" is so cool!

It is fascinating that you (and your art) say "everything has two meanings", that you clearly distinguish the inside and the outside.
My personal ideal (for myself, my life etc.) is that "the outside must reflect the inside". F.e. I express my state of mind and my feelings through the fashion I wear.
The human psyche is always eager to "explain the inside through the outside" (that`s what the psychology of perception and attribution are all about) - but artists like you and David Lynch deny this concept and construct inside and outside as "opposites". I think that`s revolutionary! Well, Paul Gauguin said: "Art is either plagiarism or revolution." - Very true!

Your term "creative nirvana" is a very accurate description. I like the term and know what you mean. I`m currently writing a book so I know this "creative rush" that overcomes you, takes you away into a state of "visionary dreaming".
Still, I can only feel it. It`s irrational and inexplainable; Who are we when we "step outside of ourselfs"?

I think it`s a divine process because it`s a process of creation. Marc Chagall said: "Great art picks up where nature ends." and I agree to that.
When we "step out of our (rational) selfs" and bring something new into this world we participate in god`s creation. That`s why I think creative expression / art is "the holiest activity that men can do".

Pachi Sánchez dijo...

Life, dreams, imagination... for me a lot of things have two faces.

It's true that most people want to use fashion to explain their inside. Sometimes fashion is near from art and It's not only a esthetic aptitude. Fashion is inspiring when explains culture concepts, sometimes It's perfect when It's not only a comercial brand.

May be when we are out of the daily reality, into the "creative nirvana" is when we are our selves, in our true reality. For me nature is a magical place to discover this sensation, and I have got a lot of artistic experience here.

Chagall was a genius, I saw a retrospective about his career and he was the painter of dreams. I agree with you about art and the holy. It's great when you connect with your beholder through something intangible.

It seems interesting you're writing a book, as you say, It can be another artistic experience. Good luck!! :)

Thanks a lot again for your kind, interesting words!!!

Annushka dijo...

It is a fantasy, the excellent idea to live in peace the imaginations and to transform every day into a holiday, it was possible to you, you so are perfect and beautiful!!!)))

Pachi Sánchez dijo...

Hi! I like this funny and positive idea, that you see in this work.
Thanks a lot for your words :)

lady sélénite dijo...

Hello, thanx for your nice comment, I love your poetic and surrealist dreamworld !

Regard sur la vie dijo...

Hola again Pachi!
I love your shop blog. Specially the "Red and bird" piece. I want to know its priece and how can I pay. Now I'm in Spain.
Saludos :)

Lady Moriarty dijo...

Amazing pictures, I want to live in a house like that, but with another roof, ha ha !

See U !

A.n.E dijo...

Enjoying your work so much! Love how you experiment/ invert inside and outside space.

Pachi Sánchez dijo...

- Lady sélénite
Thanks also for your kind comment.
Regards from "utopia world" :-)

- Lady Moriarty
Ja,ja,ja...yes is true :-)
This is a place to live if you want.
Thanks for your words!

- A.n.e.
Thanks for your intersting words !
I love experiment about space.

-Hi Regard sur la vie!!
I'm very grateful. The "Red and bird" piece is one of my favourites . Please send me an email to, and I'll send you information about prices and shipping costs. Thanks!

Dahlia dijo...

amazing! i really wanna play around a smoke/fog machine!

Lenne dijo...

I love how consistently outrageous your ideas are!! (And I mean that in a great way.)

Love your creativity!



Maximiliano dijo...

me encanto este espero q nos lleves a visitar otros lugares...

Pachi Sánchez dijo...

- Dahlia
Thanks! yes is very fun :)

- Lenne
Thanks for your words. You are very kind.

- Maximiliano
Me alegra que te guste, gracias!!
Esa es la idea, trataré de descontextualizar nuevos sítios. Saludos!

Juanduh. dijo...

oh wow
this is amazing
i love the pictures
eres realmente talentoso.

eugenialejos dijo...

gracias por comentar! me alegro un monton de que te guste lo que hago porque a mi tus dibujos tambien me parecen una pasada!

A Xanela dijo...

Fascinante poder meterme en este sueño. Enhorabuena por tus piezas de arte.

A Xanela dijo...

Es fascinante poder meterme en este sueño. Enhorabuena por tus piezas de arte!!

Pachi Sánchez dijo...

Thanks for your words, gracias
Regards!! :)

Es un placer compartir mis trabajos contigo. Mutua admiración ;)

-A Xanela
Un placer que lo veas como un sueño. Gracias por tu seguimiento!

hiven dijo...

x enter my giveaway? six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway

Jose Luis dijo...

me parece una pasada tu trabajo, de verdad. Son unas fotos preciosas y toda la concepcion del espacio es perfecta.

Un abrazo,
esmoquin room

Bobby Blue dijo...

this looks amazingly cute. I love it. And your headpiece is awesome :))

Anónimo dijo...

wow I would love to be a part of one of your projects...excellent inspiration as always!

E R I N dijo...

Can i PLEASE live and work in utopia house?!?!?!?!

its so beautiful and also very lucky to have you making it come to life :)


Pachi Sánchez dijo...

- Hiven Thanks for your comment :)

- Jose Luis me gusta tu blog y las ideas que planteas. Es un placer que te guste, te invito a pasarte por Utopia blog cuando te apetezca.
Gracias :)

- Nina when if you come to spain it would be a pleasure to work together :)

- Bobby Blue you have great ideas on your blog. Is pleasure you like It thanks!! :)

-Erin you are very kind and I love your works. It would be a good idea draw and paint in this place :)

Le Placard dijo...


I found your site from your lovely comment on my blog. I just have to say I am beyond impressed! You are such an incredible and talented artist. I love how you turned a simple hut (beautiful in itself) into a whimsical "utopia house" as you call it, full of wonderful treasures and fantasy. Keep up your incredible work!

Your new fan all the way from the US-


Pachi Sánchez dijo...

-Hi Le Placard and thanks for your very kind words!!
It's a pleasure you like it. It's great when you connect with your beholder.
Greetings to US and congratulations for your blog.